Be sure to raise career levels by trading with the same villager as often as possible. Our platform is easy to use, with everything you need to trade CSGO skins right within your eyes’ reach. We’re also mobile-friendly, so no matter where you are, you can find rare, unique skins to trade on-the-go. Be sure not to trade for the same item as well, as the amount necessary to complete the trade increase each time. Because of this, make sure to take special care when choosing which villagers to trade with.

In addition to Emeralds, Fishermen may also trade for Coal, String,Boats, and different types of fish. In addition to Emeralds, Butchers may also trade for different types of Raw Meats, and Fuel. Take charge, decide how much you want to invest, manage your money and transactions with our built-in smart deposits wallet.

Traden voor beginners: dit heb je nodig om een goede trader te worden

You can cure Zombified by inflicting the Weakness status and then feeding them a Golden Apple. By placing a workstation near an unemployed villager, you can assign a profession to them. Use this method if went you want to trade with a specific villager. In addition to Emeralds, Shepherds may also trade for colored wool, or dyes.

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8 pros and cons of product placement quickly becoming the most popular CSGO skins site because we’re not like the competition. When you buy, sell or trade CSGO skins with us, you never have to pay those high commission fees that come when you work with trading bots. We use market data analysis to price CSGO skins, so you can have confidence that you’re getting a fair deal whether you’re buying or selling. That means you’re getting more for your money, so you can buy the best possible loadout at a great price. Tradeit is the leading CSGO trade website for a reason—we bring CSGO traders together.

Rescuing Villagers From Pillagers

Trade with Villagers using Emeralds and other resources to get special items in Minecraft! Read on to see a list of all villager trades, jobs and workstations, as well as how to level up your villagers, give them jobs, and get discounts on trades. When you entrust us as your preferred CSGO skin trading platform, you can count on integrity and security, rather than the scams and tricks you find on other sites.


We'll put your coins to work like the world's smartest investors. We wake up each morning dedicating our lives to researching and identifying the highest probability trades. The copyrights of videos of games used in our content and other intellectual property rights belong to the provider of the game. When reporting a problem, please be as specific as possible in providing details such as what conditions the problem occurred under and what kind of effects it had. Curing Zombified Villagers, will help raise your reputation with them, which in turn will give you a discount when trading with them.


We’re the best CSGO trading site for skins, providing a safe experience and good value for your money, every time. For one thing, it’s our impressive selection—we offer massive variation in skins you can trade. Buying, selling and trading CSGO skins isn’t as simple as it looks—there are plenty of layers to look at, especially if you’re trying to make a profit from your skins. TitleLevel 1NoviceLevel 2ApprenticeLevel 3JourneymanLevel 4ExpertLevel 5MasterTrading with villagers affect their current Level. The more you trade with them, the more items become available the next time you visit them.

Even high quality items such as Diamond Armor become available to trade for. If you protect villages from Pillagers, your reputation among villagers will increase, causing the amount of items needed to trade will often decrease. As a result, the possible trades may slightly vary in your version.

Day trading tips

We accept 200 payment methods, providing a completely uncomplicated experience when it comes to getting players their money. We even offer an instant cash-out option, so whether you’re working with PayPal, or you want to get paid in Bitcoin, Tether or Ethereum, we make it happen—instantly! We provide consistent customer support, to ensure you’re getting the best level of service, every time. CSGO trading is serious business—every minute, there are tons of trading transactions happening all over the world. Trading skins is a huge part of the overall CSGO experience, and it can even be a lucrative business for new and experienced gamers alike. While there are countless websites out there to facilitate these exchanges, you need to work with a platform you can trust.

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Nordmannen i Zürich har hatt 50–60 utflyttere på tråden: – Mindre ....

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